Easy Transport For
People With Disabilities

iPhone 13 Pro

UX / UI Design


About 15% of the population
The world has a disability

Over 1.5 million people with disabilities live in Israel

Group 8917
the Problem

People with disabilities find it difficult to use public transport services efficiently

Challenges (1/2)

Linguistic simplification

All content should be simple and clear. highlight everything important

and without using very common word abbreviations

Group 9007
challenges (2/2)

All limitation must
be answered

Assistance from stewards – without phone coordination

Bus drivers signaling When getting on/ off the bus

Market Research (1/2)

Ordering taxi? only by
your wheelchair size

avoid ordering the wrong taxi, choose your size or add

your wheelchair.avoid ordering the wrong taxi, choose

your size or add your wheelchair.

Group 8808
Market Research (2/2)

Regulation? It is in
the hands of the users

You can send a complaint directly from the application to the

Ministry of Transportation

User Research (1/2)​

The Waze principle

People would prefer suggestions for an optimal

departure time than being stuck in traffic jams (62%)

Group 8990
Users Research (2/2)

different disabilities have
different preferences

There fore, we will adjust travel/walking routes for

the disability that accompanies them