Private parking
rental app

UX / UI Design

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adding Additional Income From Private Parking

which stands empty during the day anyway

Group 9040
the Problem

People Having Trouble Finding Parking In Attractive Places And At Affordable Prices​

ez patk car glow
Challenges (1/2)​

Displaying Similar Data In A Different Way​

By using different graphs or splitting through screens

Challenges (2/2)

Orders? Receipts?​​

All kept in one place, organized in chronological order with export option

Market Research (1/2)​​

Parking Activity & Time​

Every edit and change should be easy or temporary – according to the user’s needs

Market Research (2/2)​

Off /on switch should be available on all screens

This will allow a sense of control and the user does not have to locate the right screen

which contains the button all the time.

User Research (1/2)​​

Do You Need A Receipts? ​

All receipts are cataloged in order of use and user can export them anytime

Users Research (2/2)​

How will we measure
the data?

Using graphs, we were able to show users which month, day and time are the most profitable,.


Print Screen Recipes Organizer​

UX / UI design


Easy transport for people with disabilities

UX / UI design