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Recipes Organizer

UX / UI Design


84% will screenshot recipes

When scrolling through social media for fear of not

finding them later.

Group 9008
the Problem

Users Can't Manage Their Recipes List

So why take a screenshot if it doesn’t help?

Group 8982
Market Conclusions (1/3)​

Preventing Abandonment
At Initial Stages

by simple, easy to use and convenient – adding a recipe flow (28)
Market conclusions (2/3)

Every Ingredient Has

A Substitute

No endless scrolling, easier orientation and

tracking recipes by name/ ingredients

Market conclusions (3/3)

Bad Photographers?
Darker Background.

Food always looks amazing on a darker

background. Especially if the user took the photo.

Group 8985
User Research Conclusions

"am I doing it right?"
or "is it ready?”

VR technology & Step-by-step preparation guidance

will grant a sense of security and Encouragement.


Private Parking
Rental Appa

UX / UI design


Easy transport for people with disabilities

UX / UI design